Ecufile is a software tool designed to aid in programming and customizing automobile ECUs. It offers solutions that stay current with the dynamic changes in ECU technology from different manufacturers. Ecufile supports a wide range of ECUs available in the market, and we provide daily updates to ensure compatibility.

For more infos please visit: ECUFILE.EU

How much does Ecufile cost?

For the first purchase you will pay 499€. One year subscription is included. The annual renewal subscription costs 280€. The prices are based on your location’s currency. The prices may be subject to change.

What payment methods are accepted?

We currently accept PayPal. Additionally, we are actively working on adding more payment methods to accommodate our users.

How does the Credit System work?

Some features in the software come with charges, such as stage 1 and switchable pop and bang on demand. These features can be obtained using the credit system, where 1 credit is equivalent to 10€. For instance, Stage 1 requires 5 credits, and Switchable pop and bang requires 3 credits. You can purchase credits in advance via PayPal, and they will be added to your account.

How many PCs can I activate Ecufile on?

Ecufile is limited to one copy per PC. Each user can activate the software on a single computer.

Which ECUs are supported by Ecufile?

We continuously update the list of supported ECUs to provide our customers with access to the latest ECU updates. Please refer to the “Downloads” section for the list of supported ECUs.

What should I do if a solution is not available on Ecufile?

If you encounter a situation where a solution is not available in Ecufile, you can seek assistance by creating a ticket in our support section. Our dedicated support team will be glad to help you find a solution.

Does Ecufile require a dongle for operation?

No, Ecufile does not require a dongle to function. You can use the software without the need for any additional hardware or dongles.

Is hardware necessary for programming tuning files?

Yes, you require specific hardware, known as chiptuning tools, to program tuning files into a car. These tools are essential for reading and writing car data. Numerous chiptuning tools are currently available in the market, each designed to support various vehicle types, car brands, and models.